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We employ the most advanced technology and our ample network of collaborators to be able to meet all of our patients needs.

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We specialize in advanced testing to help the treatment of complex diagnosis as well as the procedures to improve your health and wellness. We also have the equipment and the required experience to assess routine testing with the quickness, attention and quality to meet your expectations.

Genetic Tests

To be aware of one’s own medical predispositions for certain diseases and conditions is key in the decision making process of any treatment for or alternative for better health and well being. To provide our patients the most accurate results for these decisions, here in High Profile, we are associated with over 50 genetic testing laboratories in the US and Europe.

Genetic and Molecular Tests Available

    • Genetic predispositions tests for hereditary cancers, breast and ovarian cancer amongst them.
    • Pediatric genetic testing
    • Chromosome analysis
    • Multiple genes panel
    • Prenatal tests


Metabolic Disorder Tests

Metal screening in hair and blood tests: It has been documented that many patients, including children and adults, that have been diagnosed with autism or metabolic disorders, have yielded clinical tests with higher levels of toxic mineral elements in their body. The most commonly found of these elements is mercury, but there have been cases of higher levels of uranium, cadmium, arsenic, lead, aluminum and antimony among others.

Micro-nutrient testing: Some vitamins and minerals are essential for the optimal performance of our organism. Deficiencies in some of these elements may be the root cause for some physical or structural anomalies in the biochemistry of our metabolism. This blood testing procedure can signal out deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your body.

Allergy testing: Allergic reactions of the body may trigger immunological mechanisms of defense that can alter the body. We provide allergy panels for food, additives and colorants amongst others.

Some of our Metabolic Disorder and Autism Tests

    • Food allergy tests
    • Additives and colorant allergy tests
    • Environmental allergy tests
    • Micronutrient testing
    • Metal screening in hair and blood
    • Organic acid panels
    • Comprehensive panels and parasitology testing of fecal matter


Prenatal Testing

Harmony: It is a known fact that high levels of fetal cell DNA run through an expecting mother’s bloodstream. Through the use of massive sequencing techniques, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and complex bioinformatic programs we can analyze such fragments.

Harmony prenatal testing is a safe and dependable method for all expecting mothers who wish to test chromosomal anomalies in their fetus excluding the risk to their pregnancy by undergoing amniocentesis.

With this prenatal, non-invasive testing, one can predict the risk of Down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities such as Edwards syndrome and  Poteau syndrome.

Other Specialized Tests

  • Cancer
    Cancer is a disease that has touched most of the population in some way or another. Whether a family member, friend or acquaintance, almost everyone knows how difficult this disease really is. In High Profile Lab we work closely with your doctor to design specialized panels and help you get accurate diagnosis. This gives the necessary tools to the doctor for accurate treatment of patients, producing better results.
  • Anti-Aging
    Anti-Aging, as it is commonly known, is the practice of delaying the aging process to prolong the lifetime of the person as well as improve their internal and external physical appeareance. This is accomplished with several studies that determine the levels of nutrients, antioxidants and hormones that may lack in your metabolism. With this information and the help of a health professional, you can trace a detailed plan to replenish them.
  • Neurotransmitters
    This test reflects the activity of neurotransmitters, both in the brain and the nervous system. The presence or absence of neurotransmitters can influence the personality and behavior of people in many different ways.
  • LPP (Lipoprotein Particle Profile)
    Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death. The standard cholesterol test cannot detect if a patient is at risk. This test will determine your risk accurately.
  • Telomeres
    Even though we could have the same actual age, not everyone ages at the same rate. Therefore, it is important to measure our biological age versus our chronological age. Research has shown that short telomeres are responsible for biological aging and certain diseases of old age. There are treatments to delay the process.
  • Paternity Tests
    All living organisms have a genetic code which contains DNA. What makes it remarkable is that each single organism has a unique sequence of this DNA which makes it different from one another. These circumstances results in the capacity for us, along with science and technology, to establish paternal relations between us and our progenitors using our own DNA as samples.

Routine Tests

  • Workplace Testing (Drugs)
    For many companies, adopting a drug policy involves great effort, planning and execution. Our occupational testing services and various business arrangements allow you the flexibility you need without the complications that this may bring.
  • Paternity Tests
    For whatever reason, we know how important this test can be. That's why we specialize in a professional, confidential and very agile process and methodology to return the results as quickly as possible.
  • Allergy Tests
    Besides food, we test for inhalant allergies and for allergens that may exist in the environment, such as plastics, metals, additives, dyes and environmental chemicals among others. Our allergy panels will help your doctor diagnose and attack those substances that do not let you live comfortably.
  • Nutrition Tests
    Specialized panels to prevent, diagnose, treat and improve various conditions related to nutrition. We test and measure levels of vitamins, antioxidants and micronutrients.
  • Clinical and Microbiological Tests
    Hematology, immunology, microbiology, routine chemistry and special chemistry among others.


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