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Patient services

We use the most advanced technology and our network of collaborators to cover the needs of our patients.

The most complete catalog of special tests

We specialize in advanced tests to help combat complex diseases, as well as procedures to improve your quality of life. Additionally, we have the equipment and experience necessary to complete routine testing with the speed and care you expect.

Immediate results

We know the difference it can make in a patient’s care to have test results immediately. That is why at High Profile Laboratory we have implemented an advanced results management system which can, in certain cases, connect directly to your office. This allows you to receive the results when they are ready so as not to waste time and be able to act on a patient’s treatment quickly.

Genetic and molecular tests available

Genetic predisposition testing for hereditary cancers like breast and ovarian Pediatric genetic testing Chromosome analysis Multiple Gene Panel Prenatal tests

Genetic testing

Knowing one’s own medical predispositions to certain diseases and conditions is key in the decision-making process for any treatment or alternative to improve health and well-being. To provide our patients with the most accurate results for these decisions, here at High Profile, we partner with over 50 genetic testing laboratories in the US and Europe.

Testing for Metabolic Disorders

They are done to help diagnose autism and metabolic disorders in children and adults.

Micronutrient testing

These tests help pinpoint deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body’s optimal performance.

Allergy tests

These tests help identify allergic reactions in the body that can trigger immune defense mechanisms that can alter the body.

Prenatal testing

With this non-invasive test, the risk of Down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities such as Edwards syndrome and Poteau syndrome can be predicted, as well as the sex of the baby.

LPP (lipoprotein particle profile)

Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death. The standard cholesterol test cannot detect if a patient is at risk. This test will determine your risk accurately.

Clinical and microbiological tests

Hematology, immunology, microbiology, routine chemistry and special chemistry, among others.


Let us serve you in the comfort of your home
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