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High Profile Laboratory
Focused on procedures that yield results
The best service for your family
Genetic testing, autism, nutrition and more
Ensure your baby's health
Prenatal tests that give you security

Close to you

We have 5 locations for your greatest comfort

High Profile Lab I: 787-720-0760

High Profile Lab II: 787-523-1922

High Profile Lab IV: 787-705-9237

High Profile Lab V: 787-230-7556

High Profile Lab VI: 787-705-0624

High Profile Lab VII: 787-715-5050

Specialized tests

The most complete catalog of tests and services

Routine Tests

“Wellness” anti-aging tests

Genetic/Cancer Testing


Prenatal Tests

The most advanced clinical laboratory in the Caribbean

Welcome to High Profile Laboratory. Our mission is to put at your disposal the best technology and procedures that help you find accurate solutions.

We have five facilities supported by a team of highly trained professionals in the field of health and customer service. We invite you to visit us and learn more about what we can do for you.

  • We accept most medical plans
  • Results sent to email
  • Home service